Yearly Archives: 2019

The Value of Warranty Protected Parts

We live in a world where anything we want to find or anything we want to know are at our fingertips. Since there is so much information, both good and bad, shops are often asked if it is possible to install a part that a customer has purchased. Most of these parts are purchased online from one of the companies that spend a ton of money on advertising to get the average driver to go to their site. There are so many reasons why this is not a good idea but this month I wanted to write about one of the most important reasons. Warranty. Sure, there’s liability along with the possibility of getting the wrong part, but how much does your time mean to you? When a customer purchases their own parts, they are buying a do-it-yourself part. They are taking responsibility for that part. Let me give you an example of a situation that recently took place to better explain. A few weeks ago, a Jeep was dropped off with a clutch problem. The transmission had to be removed to access the clutch. T ... read more

Spring Has Sprung! Make Sure Your Vehicle is Road Ready!

It’s Spring! One of my most favorite seasons for so many reasons. Spring is the time of year that we are blessed with longer days and glorious sunrises. Spring brings a little more sunshine into our lives. I know we need rain but this year it seems as though we have had an over abundance of water falling from the sky. Spring gives us many holidays to spend time with our loved ones and it also brings Spring Break. With Spring Break comes travel and road trips! Well because of that, I thought it would be nice to share a few pre-travel safety tips. Recently I took a drive to Los Angeles with my daughter so that she and her friend could attend a book signing. Before we hit the road, I wanted to be sure that my car was safe. I know you are thinking, “Hello, you own and work at a repair shop!” Although this may be true, just like you, I have to schedule an appointment for my service and maintence. No special treatment here. So I made sure that I gave myself at least a week ... read more

Helpful Battery Tips

It’s Monday. It’s raining. You have exactly enough time to make it to work (or school) on time. You grab your keys and jump in the car. Click. Click. Click. NO!!!! Almost everyone has experienced a scenario just like this. The culprit, your battery. Why is it that when a battery decides to give up, it’s always at that moment when you really need it to do it’s job? There are a few things that we can do to help to avoid, or at least limit, the possibility of this exact situation. Whether you drive an electric car, a hybrid car, or a fuel driven car, they all need a battery. All the desired accessories are dependent on power. Your clock, radio, seat settings, and the alarm all need power from the battery to keep from losing their memory. We can agree that those are all important. On the other hand, the power needed for the ignition to start your car is the most important. Now you must be thinking, what can I do to keep my battery from leaving me stranded? Without ... read more

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