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Spring Has Sprung! Make Sure Your Vehicle is Road Ready!

It’s Spring! One of my most favorite seasons for so many reasons. Spring is the time of year that we are blessed with longer days and glorious sunrises. Spring brings a little more sunshine into our lives. I know we need rain but this year it seems as though we have had an over abundance of water falling from the sky. Spring gives us many holidays to spend time with our loved ones and it also brings Spring Break. With Spring Break comes travel and road trips! Well because of that, I thought it would be nice to share a few pre-travel safety tips.

Recently I took a drive to Los Angeles with my daughter so that she and her friend could attend a book signing. Before we hit the road, I wanted to be sure that my car was safe. I know you are thinking, “Hello, you own and work at a repair shop!” Although this may be true, just like you, I have to schedule an appointment for my service and maintence. No special treatment here. So I made sure that I gave myself at least a week before leaving to get my car into the shop for a service and inspection.

Once my appointment date arrived, I handed over my keys so that the technicians could get started. First step was the inspection. I had them make sure that they checked each of the fluids. Brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and of course the washer fluid. They took the time to check all the rubber on my car, coolant carrying and vacuum hoses, wiper blades and belts. The filters were also inspected and a complete visual of the engine compartment. Once they put my car on the lift they were able to start draining the engine oil and remove the engine oil filter. With my car lifted, they removed the wheel and tire assemblies to inspect and rotate the tires. They also were able to check the brakes, supsension and steering to make sure there were no issues.

Now, most of the time the only service needed would be an oil and filter change, but I did in fact need a couple of items. My air filter was dirty so I had them replace it with a new filter. Air filters are so important to the function of your engine. You can read more about the importance of the air filter on my website blog page.

They replaced my cabin air filter because it was very dirty. I was not surprised by this especially with the dust storms of pollen that we have had lately. That allergy infested powder gets trapped in the cabin filter and becomes a bacteria breeding ground. I definitely didn’t want to risk inhaling that nastiness.

Ok, this next thing is one of the utmost important items to me. If you are at all like me you will understand why. Windshield washer fluid and windshield wiper blades! I swear a dirty windshield is one of my pet peeves when it comes to driving. I can drive through mud and dust and my car can look like I just got back from driving the rubicon trail. If my windshield is clean and my wiper blades clean the window with no streaks, I am one happy girl. It’s the little things right?
Last, but surely not least, tires. My dad always stressed to me that tires are the first thing to touch the road. The good thing was, because I keep up on my maintenance and rotate my tires at every 5,000 mile service, my tires had worn evenly. I also had enough tread to be able to take my daughter on her road trip and order my tires in to have them replaced the next week.

That was it! With my car serviced and inspected, I was given a green light for a safe road trip.

You may be thinking that this seems like a lot to keep track of with so many services, but the reality is this…

If you use a Certified Shop to perform your services, they will make sure that you are taking care of your vehicle and in turn your family. They will have a way of keeping your service records and get to know the needs of your car and you. This time of year we see so many young adults getting ready to head out for Spring Break trips or to drive hundreds of miles to get home from college. Let’s make sure that the vehicle they are using is safe and will get them to their destination and their family and friends. I preach safety first, but I also know that it’s so much less expensive in the long run to invest in your car. Preventative maintenance will keep you happy on the road with far less mechanical breakdowns. Besides, we all know that minor repairs are way less than a new car payment and new car insurance and registration.

Now get out there and enjoy the longer days and the gorgeous place we call home! Get your car checked out then grab your hubby, kids or your bestie and hit the road… Happy travels.

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