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Why does my steering wheel shake?

Why does my steering wheel shake?

Have you ever noticed your steering wheel shaking while you drive? It’s not just annoying; it could be a sign of something that needs your attention. Let’s dive into some common causes and how we can help smooth out your ride.

1. Wheel Balance:
First up, a common culprit could be unbalanced wheels. Imagine trying to roll a wobbly cart; it’s the same idea with your car. If the weight isn't evenly distributed around your wheels, it can cause your steering wheel to shake. It’s an easy fix, and we’re here to balance things out for you.

2. Brake Check:
Does the shaking get worse when you hit the brakes? It might be time to check your brake components. Worn rotors or pads can make your steering wheel vibrate, and that’s your car’s way of saying, “Help!” Remember, effective brakes are key to your safety on the road, so let’s get them checked out.

3. Tires on the Edge:
Tires not up to snuff? Underinflated or unevenly worn tires not only cause vibrations but can also shorten the life of your tires and decrease your fuel efficiency. Swing by for a quick tire check - your car will thank you!

4. The Nitty-Gritty: Suspension and Steering Components:
If there's a deeper issue with your suspension or steering components like worn tie rods or ball joints, you might feel it in your steering wheel. These parts are crucial for your car’s stability and smoothness on the road.

5. Axle Alert:
Lastly, a less common but serious issue could be a bent axle. If you've had a run-in with a pothole or curb and your steering has felt off since, let’s take a look and straighten things out.

April Special Alert!
From April 16 to April 26, we're running a special on suspension and brake services for qualifying parts. It's the perfect time to get those shakes and rattles checked out. Ensuring your brakes and suspension are in top shape is vital, and with our special pricing, there’s no better time to do it.

Experiencing a shaking steering wheel can be a sign to stop by Wayside Garage. Our team is ready to ensure your vehicle is safe and sound for all your journeys. Remember, keeping up with regular maintenance not only extends the life of your car but also keeps you safe on the road.

Drive safe, and see you soon!

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