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Why Are Struts Important?

Why Are Struts Important for Your Car?

Maintaining your car's struts is crucial for a smooth and safe driving experience. Today, we're diving into the world of struts and why they are essential for your vehicle's performance and safety. Jonathan from Wayside Garage will help explain the ins and outs of struts and why replacing them on time is vital.

What Are Struts?

Struts are a crucial part of your car's suspension system. They consist of a spring and a shock absorber, working together to:
- Support the vehicle's weight: The spring bears the weight of the car.
- Absorb impacts: The shock absorber dampens the motion from bumps, potholes, and curbs.
- Enhance stability: Struts help in maintaining vehicle stability during turns and stops.

Why Are Struts Important?

1. Smooth Ride: Struts absorb shocks from the road, ensuring a comfortable ride.
2. Safety: They contribute to vehicle stability, preventing excessive body roll and improving braking distance.
3. Longevity of Other Components: Properly functioning struts reduce wear on other parts like brakes and tires.

When Should You Replace Your Struts?

At Wayside Garage, we recommend replacing struts every 70,000 miles or every seven years, whichever comes first. Regular inspections every six months can help you catch issues early and avoid costly repairs. Here’s why timely replacement is crucial:
- Prevent Wear and Tear: Worn-out struts increase pressure on other suspension components and brakes.
- Ensure Safety: Old struts can compromise your vehicle's handling and braking efficiency.

How Often Should Your Suspension Be Inspected?

It's essential to inspect your suspension system at least every six months. Regular inspections allow us to:
- Identify Issues Early: Catching problems early can prevent more severe damage.
- Tailor a Maintenance Plan: We can create a personalized maintenance plan to fit your budget and keep your car in top shape.

In Conclusion

Struts are vital for your car's performance and safety. Regular inspections and timely replacements are key to maintaining a smooth ride and preventing further damage. Visit Wayside Garage for all your suspension needs. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 831-899-2425 or visiting our website at

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