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Why Are My Tires Wearing On The Outside?

Why are my tires wearing on the outside?

When your tires show more wear on the outside, it usually indicates a few potential issues with your vehicle’s alignment, suspension, or driving habits. Let’s break down the common causes:


1. Improper Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is crucial for even tire wear. If your alignment is off, particularly if the wheels are angled outward at the front, it can cause the outer edges of your tires to wear down faster than the middle or inner parts. Getting regular alignments can help prevent this uneven wear.

2. Under-Inflation: Tires that aren’t inflated to the proper pressure can also lead to abnormal wear patterns. Under-inflated tires often have more pressure on their outer edges during turns, which accelerates wear on those areas. Always keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer's recommended levels.

3. Worn Suspension Components: Components of your vehicle's suspension system, such as shocks or struts, can contribute to uneven tire wear. These parts help maintain even contact between the tires and the road. When they fail, you might notice more wear on the outside of the tires.

4. Aggressive Driving: Frequent sharp cornering or aggressive driving can exert extra force on the outer edges of your tires, leading to quicker wear. Modifying your driving style to be smoother on turns can help reduce this type of wear.

5. Load Distribution: Improper load distribution in your vehicle can also be a factor. Overloading your vehicle or uneven weight distribution can put additional stress on certain tires, particularly affecting the outer edges.

To address outside tire wear, consider setting up a reservation with our ASE Certified Technicians at Wayside Garage in Seaside, CA. We can check your alignment, inspect suspension components, and advise on any needed repairs or adjustments. Regular maintenance and checks can help extend the life of your tires and ensure your vehicle operates safely and efficiently.

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