Monthly Archives: March 2020

February – The love of cars

It’s February, the month devoted to love. As we make a point to show those we care for a little more love, there is a love that we have had for generations. The love of cars. I grew up around cars. I remember getting to go to the race track to watch my dad race. It is an absolute incredible experience. There is the smell of fuel and exhaust as you watch the racers line up to take their turn at getting down the quarter mile faster than the car next to them. The excitement that builds as they prep their tires for maximum contact with the track with a burnout. The smell of the tires burning and the smoke rolling out from under them as they become sticky from the friction created. It’s the anticipation as the engines rev, waiting for the lights. Watching as the yellow lights illuminate one at a time until the green light flashes and they’re off!!! Launching off of the line and barreling down the track at speeds that many of us will never experience. As they zoom past you ... read more

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