Monthly Archives: January 2021

Reasons to Service Your Car in 2021

Cheers to a new year! We have been through so many challenges in the past year. One of those challenges has been lack of mobility. We Americans are resilient. We have adjusted and have found that we can still get things done with limited resources. One thing that may be suffering that we may be unaware of is our car. Like our bodies, when a car is idle many things can start to deteriorate. Most people will ask, “How can I need that service, I haven’t been driving as much?” So what happens to your car when it sits? When a vehicle sits for an extended period of time, the chemistry and structure are disrupted. Gaskets and seals become dry or brittle. Tires can become flat, brittle and the rubber starts to crack. Batteries drain, putting you in a situation of not starting when needed. Gasoline starts to gum up. Rust starts to spread and engine oil deteriorates. These are only a few examples of systems that are affected. Let’s look at gaskets and seals. Think of ... read more

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