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Wayside Garage Drop Off & Pick Up Policies For Extended Warranty Or Insurance


* I understand that Wayside Garage may have my vehicle for up to two weeks from the above-listed drop-off date

*I understand that Wayside Garage will not be calling or be called with daily updates on my vehicle.

*As soon as my vehicle is completed, Wayside Garage will call for pick up.

*If my vehicle needs parts, and those parts will take longer than two weeks to arrive and install, Wayside Garage will call me so I can come pick up my vehicle and use it until the parts come in. If my vehicle is not drivable, I will arrange to have my vehicle picked up by a tow truck until the parts come in (a deposit is required)

*I will return as a "Priority Customer" when the parts arrive.

*I authorize labor/parts for all items listed on the Wayside Garage write-up sheet whether customer pay or warranty.

*I understand that Wayside Garage may need to operate my vehicle for testing purposes.

*I understand that repair completion is based on the parts' availability.

*I understand it is my responsibility to make sure that the contents from the glove box/trunk/passenger compartment are removed before leaving my vehicle for service. Customers are not to leave any items of value inside their unit while in for service.

*I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure my vehicle is properly fueled if conditions call for it.

*I understand that all customer pay and warranty parts will be paid for upfront using my credit card If I pick up my vehicle before the parts arrive.

*I understand that when Wayside Garage notifies me that my Customer Pay/Warranty Parts are in I will have the following two options: 1. Make an appointment to get the parts installed or 2. Have parts shipped to the address provided and use my credit card to pay for the freight charges.

*I understand that Wayside Garage will secure, not use, my credit card information for customer pay labor.

*I understand that at the time of payment to Wayside Garage, I can choose a different payment method at that time.

*I understand that Wayside Garage may work on only three warranty items per service visit.

*I understand that Wayside Garage will secure, not use, my credit card information for warranty labor.

*I understand that Wayside Garage will secure pre-authorization on all warranty items before starting warranty work. If pre-authorization can not be secured, I will have to pay all or a portion of the labor and parts

*I understand that once Wayside Garage has advised me that my unit is ready for me to pick up, I have three business days to pay for any charges against it and remove it from Wayside Garage's property.

*I understand that I will be charged $75.00 per calendar day for each day my vehicle remains on Wayside Garage's property until the said vehicle is removed.

*I understand that Wayside Garage reserves the right to take legal action to secure payment of charges, including storage fees using my credit card.


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