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Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air?

Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air?

The Importance of AC Maintenance

There's nothing more frustrating than turning on your car's air conditioner on a hot day, only to be greeted by hot air. At Wayside Garage in Seaside, CA, we understand how crucial a functioning AC is for your comfort. Let’s explore why AC systems may fail to cool and how our services can help keep you comfortable.

Understanding AC System Maintenance:

Freon Levels and AC Performance:  
One common issue with vehicle AC systems is the depletion of Freon, the refrigerant essential for cooling. Over time, Freon levels can drop, reducing the system's efficiency. This was precisely the case with a BMW X1 we recently serviced. Our technicians performed a diagnostic and discovered that the Freon needed replenishment.

The Role of Regular Servicing:
AC systems require periodic checks and servicing to maintain optimal performance. At Wayside Garage, we utilize specialized equipment to accurately refill the Freon and ensure your system operates at its best. Regular maintenance not only prevents the discomfort of a malfunctioning AC but also extends the life of the system.

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Keeping your car’s air conditioning in top condition is essential, especially during warm weather. With professional maintenance, such as checking and refilling Freon, you can ensure your AC is ready to provide the cool comfort you need.


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