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Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake? Common Causes Explained!

Fixing Car Shaking When Braking: Tips from Wayside Garage in Seaside, California

Do you feel your car shaking when you hit the brakes? Don't worry! Lots of people have this issue. In this blog post, we'll talk about why your car shakes when you brake and how to fix it. We'll keep it simple, so it's easy to understand.

Understanding the Problem:
Have you ever pressed the brakes and felt your car shake? That's what we're talking about. Sabrina and Stacey, two car experts, will help us figure out why this happens.

Exploring Potential Causes:
Sabrina and Stacey say a few things could be causing your car to shake:

- Your tires might be unbalanced.
- The shocks and struts could be worn out.
- Some parts like ball joints or tie rod ends might be loose.
- Your brakes might be old and need fixing.
- Brake rotors or drums might be warped.
- Your anti-lock brake system might not be working right.

Finding Solutions:
With so many reasons, fixing your shaking car might seem hard. But Sabrina and Stacey have simple tips to help. They say it's important to book a visit with a certified car technician who can find and fix the problem right.

Taking Action:
Ready to fix your car? Follow these steps:

1. Call Wayside Garage at 831-899-2425 and book a visit with a certified technician.
2. Let the team at Wayside Garage check your car and find out what's wrong.
3. Reach out to Wayside Garage if you need help or have questions.

Feeling your car shake can be scary. But with Sabrina and Stacey's advice, you can fix the problem and drive safely again.

Don't wait to fix your shaking car. Get help today and enjoy a smoother ride! Check out this video for more information. 

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