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Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Why Are My Brakes Grinding? 

Properly functioning brakes are essential for the safety of any vehicle. At Wayside Garage in Seaside, CA, we often handle cases where customers bring in vehicles with uneven brake wear. Let's delve into a recent example involving a GMC Denali to illustrate the importance of regular brake inspections and maintenance.

The client was experiencing a grinding noise when the brakes were applied. Upon inspection, we discovered that the front brake pads of their GMC Denali were in poor condition. One pad was severely scuffed, and alarmingly, its counterpart was completely missing. This severe uneven wear was traced back to a seized brake caliper. This malfunction caused the brake pads to wear unevenly and ultimately led to a dangerous metal-on-metal grinding situation, necessitating immediate replacement of the front brakes.

Brake calipers play a crucial role in your vehicle's braking system. They are responsible for applying pressure to the brake pads against the rotors to reduce speed. A seized caliper can prevent the brake pads from making even contact with the rotors, leading to uneven wear and reduced braking efficiency. Regular maintenance and checks can help identify and rectify such issues before they lead to more severe consequences.

If you notice any irregularities in your vehicle's braking performance, don't hesitate to call Wayside Garage at 831-899-2425 to schedule a brake inspection. Ensure your safety and that of others on the road by maintaining your vehicle's brakes in optimal condition.

Regular brake inspections are crucial for identifying issues like seized calipers early on. Maintaining your brakes not only ensures your safety but also prevents costly repairs down the road. Trust our ASE-certified technicians at Wayside Garage to keep your brakes in top working order.


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