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The New FANTASTIC – Social Distancing and Cars

We have learned a lot over the past few months. Some things we have had to re-learn and some are pretty new to our communities. Many of them are simple things. Relearning to wash and scrub our hands for 20 seconds, I don’t know about you but, I now sing Happy Birthday to myself many times a day. Disinfecting every single surface that could possibly be touched, our grandmothers would be so proud of us. Last but not least, social distancing. Growing up with siblings, my mom preached the two foot rule. If we didn’t give each other an arms length distance and we were caught bickering or starting to pick on each other, the bunny slipper would come flying! It was my moms way of keeping us from fighting, or at least trying to do so. Who would have known that a simple skill that we were taught while young would come back to be a huge part of our lives?

You’re probably thinking, what does social distancing have to do with cars? Well, for me, it has made me realize how much I love people and a lot of the people I see are because of their car! I miss being able to invite people in and asking them to take a seat so that we can chat. I miss being able to hug so many of my loved ones and clients. I miss a good handshake. Don’t get me wrong, we have been trying reach out to many of our long time clients to check on them. Calling to chat and make sure that they have what they need. It’s been heartwarming being able to have so many wonderful conversations with both young and old.

With that said, I do realize that somethings will not be able to go back to the way they were. We have entered into a new FANTASTIC, not normal, but fantastic! As I said, I love people, but I also love my two foot rule that I grew up with. Here is why I say new fantastic. Think back of the times that you would spend waiting in line to pay for groceries, or better yet, an amusement park ride. Remember how close people would stand? Sometimes they would stand so close to you that it was uncomfortable for you or someone waiting with you. You would try and inch your way forward to give yourself space, but they would follow. In the new FANTASTIC we are allowed space. We can still be close enough to chat or give that someone a compliment but now they can feel confident and good about themselves. We have learned to be more patient. We understand that it may take a little more time to finish the errands that we need to do. In the new fantastic we are spending more time with our immediate families. Family dinners, walks around the block, waving at your neighbors, a friendly “hi” as you pass by. These are all amazing things that seem to be making a comeback and I love that!

As we venture into this new FANTASTIC, I’d like to take a moment of gratitude for every single person that has come into our lives. Many blessings to you all! Together we will be FANTASTIC!

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