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Electric Vehicles

Although electric vehicles may appear to be “service free”, they do indeed still need a little tender loving care. An EV doesn’t require services such as tune-ups, oil changes, cooling system flush, or transmission services.

However, an EV is not maintenance-free. As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, there are periodic services and inspections are required. If the recommendations are not followed, it is possible that your warranty may be affected.

What are these maintenance items you ask?

The most self-evident would be tire rotations and wiper blades. Don’t forget the cabin air filter and inspecting for possible rodent issues. Most sound pretty simple. Yet, it is highly recommended that you have a trained technician perform the service. Doing so will keep your warranty and avoid any possibility of an unknown or unseen exposure to the high voltage wiring.

Typical monthly service for an EV would be checking tire pressure and tire tread, checking and topping off windshield washer fluid. These can be performed by the driver.

At 6 months or 7,500 miles, the tires need rotation. The battery will need to be inspected along with the power inverter, accessory power, and charger modules. The brakes, steering, suspension, and chassis should be visually inspected for any defects or damage. Body components will need to be lubricated. Bi-annually the underbody will need to be flushed of corrosive materials.

With age, there will be additional services needed, but just like your gas or hybrid cars, EV cars will take care of you if you take care of them. Sooner than later, be sure to find a trained and certified technician that can take care of electric vehicles. We are proud to service and repair EV and hybrid and have been for years. With the growing number of EV cars, we are in the process of adding a second location and continuing our EV education.

Oh! Here is a tip to help your battery life. Drive your EV! Be sure to learn how to drive your new EV. Charge it as designed and it will get you around town with very little effort.

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