Why You Need A Spring C.A.T. For Your Vehicle

It’s Spring in Monterey and Mother Nature can’t seem to decide if she wants us to enjoy the sunshine or a nice warm blanket. While you are snuggling up inside with a warm cup of cocoa, your car may be the victim of vandalism! Not the sort of vandalism that happens by the human hand

5 Basic Ways to Take Care of Your Car

As a woman in the automotive business, I find it so important to empower other women to know the basics of car care. With the winter months upon us and the days getting shorter, I felt the need to pass on just a few tips to keep you safe on the road and potentially keep


How to Choose an Auto Repair Facility

3 Things To Consider For Your Auto Repair Shop In my 30 plus years in the automotive business there’s one call that I get daily. How much? The reality is, the price is going to be close no matter where you go. The difference is the relationship you create with your auto repair shop, their