What’s that noise?

What’s that noise? Every one of us have experienced a noise of some sort from our cars. Some noises appear out of nowhere and some are a gradual progression that becomes more pronounced as we continue to drive. Noises can be heard from your engine area. Noises can be heard from underneath your car. Some noises can be heard inside your car! There are so many moving pieces and parts that make up these amazing machines that we use to get us from point A to point B, the possibilities are endless! The reason I thought this would be a great topic to write about is due to the fact that when we drive our cars on a daily basis, we sometimes don’t realize that we have a noise. It becomes normal to us because it may come on gradually. Just the opposite can happen too. We can have a sudden noise that appears that startles us into calling in to have our car checked out by our certified technician. In either of these situations, it can be hard to describe what you are hearing. As automotive service technicians and consultants, we want to be sure that we are addressing the noises that concern you most. At times, this can be hard. We may hear something that you do not hear that we feel is important to repair. There could be an intermittent noise that can only be duplicated under specific driving conditions.

The best way to address any type of noise is to be sure that you schedule an appointment with your automotive technician to ride along with you on a road test. This will give you the opportunity to point out to them the noise that you are hearing that concerns you. It is possible that they may hear other noises too, but the it’s important for them to hear what you are hearing. If the noise only happens in specific driving conditions, keep a journal of the driving conditions. What is the outside temperature? How long do you have to drive before hearing the noise? Does it happen when you are sitting still idling or at a certain speed? Is it after the car has been sitting overnight and only in the morning? Is it after you have driven long distance? The more information you can give as to when you are experiencing the noise and the conditions, the better chance of your technician finding the cause. Now, here is the really hard part for some people, are you ready for it? Don’t be afraid to mimic the noise. You would be surprised how many times over my 30+ years of being in this business that I have had to beg people to go ahead and make the noise that they are hearing.

Believe me when I say, I have heard it all! If you think you sound funny trying to duplicate the noise to the service advisor, just think of that service consultant having to duplicate the noise to the technician. At least then you can get a good laugh out of it. As service technicians and service consultants, we only want what is best for you the driver and owner of the vehicle. It is possible that you may have multiple noises and it may take more than one attempt to be sure that they are all addressed. Rest assured that anything safety related will be priority number one to ensure that you are able to feel confident driving your car from point A to point B.