It’s hard to believe, its almost 2019!

This year seems to have come and gone in a flash. During this time of year, I cannot help but to reflect on this past year. As I take a moment to look back, I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for being given the opportunity to continue to care for, not only the cars in our community, but the people. I am grateful the opportunity to share my knowledge of cars and to hopefully answer so many of the questions that drivers now days have through the Central Coast Living and Carmel Living magazines. For having amazing clients who have helped us to be able to give back BIG in our very own community, I am forever grateful.

Let me tell you just a couple of the stories that truly touched my heart and restored my faith in humanity over the past few months. A huge one for me was that we spent much of this year repairing a Mini Cooper that we had donated to us by one of our long-time clients. This poor little car had a major mechanical issue that severely contaminated the cooling system. My team found all of the necessary parts to get it back up and running and in our “spare” time, my team would work on restoring the cooling system to get the car back up and running in tip top shape. It took some time and we made sure to keep the donor in the loop as to what we had planned for the car. Initially, we wanted to help a family in need but once it was complete and we were able to drive the car, we realized that this car was not a family car. It was a smaller vehicle that may be harder for a mother to maneuver small children in an out of. During a conversation with another long-time friend and client, I happened to mention that we had this car to donate. He mentioned the Veterans’ Transition Center and all I could think was, “That’s a perfect fit!” I contacted the VTC and let them know what we had and if they could possibly find someone in need. They took the information about the car, did the vetting to be sure that it went to a veteran that would put the car to its best use and then they set up a date and time to deliver the car. The VTC was so easy to work with and let me just tell you, the delivery of that vehicle was nothing short of amazing! Not one person involved had a dry eye. Even as I write this, my heart is re-filled with the joy that we were able to contribute to an amazing young man.

Let me express again, none of this would have happened if it were not for our extraordinary community. Just talking with others, you realize how there are things that you can do that can impact the lives of many, or even the life of one. In another conversation, and explaining the roadside assistance program that we offer with our maintenance services, I was asked if we would be willing to donate a few roadside assistance cards to the local woman’s shelter. Lightbulb moment! I was totally on that! I was able to gather 100 roadside assistance cards to woman in need in our very own community. These women are in a stage in their lives where they have been forced to start over, some with nothing but the clothes on their back and their car to drive. Many are using their cars to live in and if for some reason they have an unfortunate event occur that would leave them stranded, they can now use those roadside assistance cards to help them get to a safe place.

There are also the programs that my team and I have been involved with over years, Brakes for Breasts during the month of October allows us to give those in need a free set of brake pads or shoes, and 10% of the brake repair is donated directly to breast cancer research. The team at the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Research lab is working on a vaccine for breast cancer, not a cure, a vaccine. It’s better to stop something before it happens than to try and catch it and treat it.

Of course, there are the annual food drives and toy drives that we also get involved with on an annual basis that are so very important. The point to this month’s article is to express the gratitude that I feel in just being able to help others. Most believe that the car business is just about cars, but it’s so much more! It’s about people. Considering that we are about to enter into a new year, 2019, what better time than now to ponder about how you can make a change in our community. We all have that in us, to some capacity. You may not realize it but, even telling someone your story can change a life for the better.

Cheers to a New Year filled with New Hope, New Opportunities, New Adventures and New Ways to Give and Love!