Car Week Isn’t Just About Cars

For this month’s article, I thought I would write a little something different. It’s one thing to write an educational style article, it’s another to write about something that you love. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my passion with you. My car passion. 

Living in the Monterey Bay Area we all aware that fact that our area is nothing less than amazing. Daily we are blessed to be surrounded by breathtaking beaches, awe-inspiring coastal views and incredible woodland areas. Being surrounded by natures wonders has it’s perks but we have another perk of living in this area… Monterey’s annual Car Week! 

On to my story. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to work at an AdvoCare booth (my other passion) at the Mubadala Silicone Valley Classic US Open Tennis Tournament in San Jose, California. Upon arriving and as I walked into the venue, I saw the cutest orange Porsche. As I slowed to walk past this little gem of a car, I thought to myself, “Oh! Now THAT is super cute.” I continued on and joined my business partners in our booth. As I got situated, I noticed that across the walkway was another Porsche! This one was a black beauty with red accents. Oh my! Now being a car geek or diva, you know I had to check this out. The tennis match was in full swing and the croud had died down so I wandered over to check out this sweet little car. As I admired the car, I engaged in a great conversation with the young lady that was there with information about the car. She was there to share information about our very own Monterey’s Car Week. As we talked, I found out that this year Porsche will be highlighed at many events taking place during Car Week. I shared a few great places to see while she was in our area and passed on my number in case she wanted to touch bases with me during her stay. 

Right about now you are more than likely thinking, this girl must be a Porsche fanatic. Not so, you see, I love all cars! I tell you this story because, I found it exciting to be in the Bay Area at a competely unrelated event and have our very own Monterey Car Week promoted. 

As much as I love cars and the mechanics of them, that is not the main reason that I love Car Week, or cars for that matter. It’s the people. People from all over the world congregate to our little peninsula to relish in the charm and beauty of these machines. It is the conversations had with these people that I enjoy the most. No matter who you are or what your background, we all have a car story. Those coming in for Car Week just have a different point of view of what a car is. When they look at a car, any car, any make or model, they see art. They see beautiful lines in the body, the variances in color and the attention to detail that can only be described as labor of love. It fascinates me that we have these amazing machines that can withstand time with just a little TLC. These machines that can take us back in time and bring back memories from our past. Cars are part of our history. 

Somewhere in your life story, even if it was the family station wagon that was used to pile into and take camping, a car can bring back a memory. Deep down inside, we all have a love for cars. I hope that you are all able to enjoy Car Week. Now, perhaps you will even see cars a little bit different. Maybe you will see the exquisiteness of them as I do.