Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Brake Specials!

It’s October, the month filled with pumpkins, crisp air and cute little goblins. It’s also the month dedicated to bringing awareness to Breast Cancer. For me, pink is the new orange, especially on Wednesdays! You may wonder why I have decided to write about Breast Cancer awareness. Well, when it comes to going “pink” most

Car Week Isn’t Just About Cars

For this month’s article, I thought I would write a little something different. It’s one thing to write an educational style article, it’s another to write about something that you love. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my passion with you. My car passion.  Living in the Monterey Bay Area we

Transmission Fluids: What Do They Do?

It’s a gorgeous day on the Monterey Bay! It’s amazing to look around and realize how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place. With that said, let’s get back to our series on fluids. We have discussed the importance of engine oil, a clean fuel system and the purpose of antifreeze. This

Coolant Fluids Are Cooler Than You Think

Antifreeze? Coolant? Are they the same? Both antifreeze and coolant are similar and perform similar jobs, the main difference is that antifreeze is used in colder weather due to it’s resistance to the cold. Considering the fact that we are blessed with living in a very moderate temperature area, we will use the word coolant

Why You Need A Spring C.A.T. For Your Vehicle

It’s Spring in Monterey and Mother Nature can’t seem to decide if she wants us to enjoy the sunshine or a nice warm blanket. While you are snuggling up inside with a warm cup of cocoa, your car may be the victim of vandalism! Not the sort of vandalism that happens by the human hand